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ALTAYFILM produces natural history films, which are high quality portraits of special places on this planet. Many of these places are in transition and contain habitats that are undergoing great changes and species that are disappearing forever. Producing such films takes time. Whether in Central Asia, North America or on our doorstep in Germany: our projects are years in the making. As a result, viewers experience nature that has been observed calmly, filmed with finesse and narrated in an entertaining manner.

The company was set up in 2011 by Henry M. Mix and Yann Sochaczewski. Based in Leipzig, Germany, the company specialises in immersive wildlife films that require extensive periods in the field and strong scientific credibility.

ALTAYFILM co-produces and delivers to a wide range of national and international broadcasters and distributors, incl. Doclights/NDR Naturfilm, BBC, WDR, MDR, ARTE, FRANCE 5, Channel One Russia, Terra Mater, NatGeo, Albatross World Sales and others. 


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